Buy Certified Used Pianos With Confidence.

Unless otherwise noted, all our used pianos are Certified.  What does this mean?  It means they have been thoroughly gone over and checked for loose pins and cracks in the superstructure.  There are no mice, snakes, or roaches, and they don’t smell like cigarettes.  Deliveries are done by people that are bonded and insured.

  • When looking for a used piano beware of buying from individuals. Their piano may be tuned flat and you won’t know it if you don’t have a tuning instrument to check it with. Bringing a flat piano up to A440 (standard pitch) may involve many tunings and more money than you paid for the piano.
  • Remember too that pianos have a life span of about 60 years.
  • Unlike a guitar or violin a piano gets worse with age.
  • It has 40,000 pounds of tension on the back. An old piano’s soundboard will lose its crown and the pins will become loose.
  • Rebuilding a piano is a very expensive process and usually leaves the piano not a lot better off musically.
  • Any used piano over $1,500.00 can be financed with just 10% down. 9.99% APR, simple interest. Pay it off at any time with no pre-payment penalty.

Financing is available on all our pianos.
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Current Used Inventory

Small Yamaha Grand!

Like New!  


Includes a local delivery!

Yamaha 5’3″ Grand Piano!

Made in Japan!  


Tax local delivery!

Yamaha 5’3″ Grand!

Comes with a free player system by Yamaha.


Compare at $30,000.00 new.

Yamaha 6′ Conservatory Grand Piano!

Made in Japan!  


Delivered free locally!

Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano!

Polished Mahogany!  


Delivered Free!

Kawai Console with Grand Style Lid!

Great Sounding Piano!  

Currently on hold.

Delivered and tuned!

Petite Baby Grand Piano!

Free Player System by Piano Disc!  


Tuning and delivery are free!

Wurlitzer Console Piano!

Beautiful Dark Oak!  

$1,299.00! This piano is sold, but we have one almost identical for the same price.

Free delivery!

Yamaha Dark Oak Piano!

Delivered and tuned!


Local, One Owner!

Cable Nelson 5’3″ Grand Piano!

Made by Yamaha.


Free tuning and delivery!

C5 Yamaha 6’7″ Grand Piano!

One Owner, Excellent Condition.


Local Delivery included.

Small Yamaha Vertical Piano!

Musically great, but has had more than it’s share of bruises. Priced accordingly.


Taxes and delivery included!

Sohmer Console Piano!


This is a very nice piano made in the USA!

Delivered free!

Kawai RX5 Grand Piano!  6’4″, Not a Baby Grand!

Off the market. No longer for sale.

Like New, Hardly Played.

Free delivery!

Knabe Mahogany Console!


Very Good Condition.

Tuned and delivered!

Falcone 5’3″ Grand Piano!


Very Good  Condition. All of our used pianos have matching benches. Free Player System Included.

“Out the Door Price”! Includes sales tax, delivery and tuning.

Everett Console Piano! Walnut Finish.


Good Condition.

Local delivery included!