Buy Certified Used Pianos With Confidence.

Unless otherwise noted, all our used pianos are Certified.  What does this mean?  It means they have been thoroughly gone over and checked for loose pins and cracks in the superstructure.  There are no mice, snakes, or roaches, and they don’t smell like cigarettes.  Deliveries are done by people that are bonded and insured.

  • When looking for a used piano beware of buying from individuals. Their piano may be tuned flat and you won’t know it if you don’t have a tuning instrument to check it with. Bringing a flat piano up to A440 (standard pitch) may involve many tunings and more money than you paid for the piano.
  • Remember too that pianos have a life span of about 60 years.
  • Unlike a guitar or violin a piano gets worse with age.
  • It has 40,000 pounds of tension on the back. An old piano’s soundboard will lose its crown and the pins will become loose.
  • Rebuilding a piano is a very expensive process and usually leaves the piano not a lot better off musically.
  • Any used piano over $1,500.00 can be financed with just 10% down. 9.99% APR, simple interest. Pay it off at any time with no pre-payment penalty.

Financing is available on all our pianos.
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Current Used Inventory

Yamaha Console Piano!  Light Cherry Wood.


Includes a local delivery!      

Kawai GM-12 Grand Piano!


In Excellent Condition! Made in Japan. Hardly Played.

Includes a local delivery!

Yamaha M500S Sheraton Console Piano!

This is the most popular piano we ever sold for the home.


Includes a  local delivery and tuning in the home.

Used Baby Grand Piano. Not sure who made it. Too good to junk.

No sales pitch, no tuning. As is. First come first serve.


Includes local ground floor delivery!

Yamaha M475 In Excellent Condition!

This is a beautiful mahogany piano!


Delivery Included.

Yamaha C3 6’0″ Piano!

Polished Ebony!  This piano is 56 years old and being sold “As Is”.


Delivered Free!

Steigerman Studio Piano!

This piano is like new. Bought New Here. One Owner.


Includes a local delivery and a tuning in the home!

Kawai KG-2D 5’10” Grand Piano!

Remarkable Condition!


Free Local Delivery!

Re-furbished 1926 5’6″ Steinway Mahogany Grand Piano!

Delivered and tuned!


A beautiful Instrument!

Yamaha 5’3″ Player Grand Piano!

Like New. We just sold a new one for $34,999.00.


Local Delivery Included!

Queen Anne Cherry Kimball Baby Grand!

Excellent Condition. Very Clean.


Local Delivery included.

Yamaha GH1 Walnut Grand Piano! 


It’s in great shape. Pins are as tight as a new one.

Local Delivery included.

Young Chang 48″ Piano!

Beautiful Satin Walnut, Carved Legs. This piano is like new!


Clean, local piano.

Local ground floor delivery included!

Young Chang Self-Player Grand Piano!


Plays thousands of songs. Absolutely like brand new!

Tuned and delivered!

Falcone Console!


Beautiful Maholgany!

Local Delivery Included!