Used Pianos

Buy Certified Used Pianos With Confidence.

Unless otherwise noted, all our used pianos are Certified.  What does this mean?  It means they have been thoroughly gone over and checked for loose pins and cracks in the superstructure.  There are no mice, snakes, or roaches, and they don’t smell like cigarettes.  Deliveries are done by people that are bonded and insured.

  • When looking for a used piano beware of buying from individuals. Their piano may be tuned flat and you won’t know it if you don’t have a tuning instrument to check it with. Bringing a flat piano up to A440 (standard pitch) may involve many tunings and more money than you paid for the piano.
  • Remember too that pianos have a life span of about 60 years.
  • Unlike a guitar or violin a piano gets worse with age.
  • It has 40,000 pounds of tension on the back. An old piano’s soundboard will lose its crown and the pins will become loose.
  • Rebuilding a piano is a very expensive process and usually leaves the piano not a lot better off musically.
  • Any used piano over $1,500.00 can be financed with just 10% down. 9.99% APR, simple interest. Pay it off at any time with no pre-payment penalty.

Current Used Inventory:



Beautiful Yamaha C3 Grand Piano!

Local one owner. 


Polished Ebony. 6’1″ Long

Local Delivery Included.




Yamaha GH1B 5’3″ Piano!

Very Good Condition.


Made in Japan.

All our pianos have matching benches.



Laurel & HartdyWe Move Pianos!

Call 864-236-1607

If you need your piano moved

or are buying one from an individual, call

us for a quote.  We’re bonded and insured!





Steinway Model S Grand Piano!

Excellent Condition.  Tuned to A440


Includes matching artist bench.

Local Delivery included.




Used Yamaha Grand Piano!

Made in Japan.


Local Delivery included.

Very well taken care of one-owner.

 Satin Finish!



Yamaha 5’3″ Ivory Grand Piano!

Self-Playing Disklavier!


Beautiful Ivory Finish!

A Rare Find!




Yamaha 5’3″ White Baby Grand!


 This piano is  beautiful!

Local, ground floor delivery included!




Yamaha DGH1 Grand Piano!

Excellent Condition.


Delivered locally.






Beautiful Baldwin Hamilton 45″ Piano!

Clean, well cared for!


Freshly tuned with local delivery included.

This piano is like new!





Yamaha U1 Walnut Piano!

Excellent condition!


This piano was purchased new here.




Financing is available on all our pianos.

Apply Online at

Our merchant ID# is 1258


Weber by Young Chang!

Local Trade in.


Tuned and ready to go. 





Chickering Queen Anne Piano!

Excellent Condition!


Local Delivery Included.




Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano!

Excellent Condition!


This piano retails for $82,999.00 new.

Satin Finish!





Baldwin 6’3″ Grand Piano!


Local delivery included.

Satin Finish!

40 Years Old!















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