Yamaha’s century-long expertise and passion for creating fine pianos are behind the success of the Clavinova digital pianos. Yamaha’s vision to enable more people to easily enjoy the fun of playing a piano became a reality in 1983 with the introduction of the Clavinova.  Since then, they have used their experience as a leading piano manufacturer to continually improve and enhance the Clavinova.

Its superb sound and touch result form their expertise in materials, construction, finishing and tuning, as well as their comprehensive understanding of music and acoustics.  Clavinova excellence is attested to by the fact that it is used in over 700 music colleges.  We’re happy to offer Greenville the full Clavinova line, confident that you will find a model that will completely satisfy your needs and give you a lifetime of playing pleasure.

And don’t forget that they never need tuning and have a five year warranty, parts and labor, in your home.