We have over sixty years of experience bringing the worlds finest new and used pianos in Greenville, SC, at discount prices. We will not be undersold by anyone, period! We have established the largest commercial music education studio in the state, with over eight hundred students and over thirty instructors. We have over two hundred new and used pianos and digital pianos in our inventory, by far, the largest selection in the upstate. With the worlds’ finest pianos, in-house acoustic and electronic technicians, the largest inventory available in the region, and an outstanding education program- Piano Central is your key to music!

We will help you:

  • Determine the appropriate instrument at the most affordable price.
  • Avoid making major purchasing errors commonly made by piano shoppers. Do you know what doping a piano is? Do you know how to look for cracks and warping in the superstructure? How can you tell if a piano will hold a pitch? Do you know what that means and why it is critical? If you buy a used piano from an individual, how are you going to get it home? If you can’t answer these questions you really need our help.
  • Some manufacturers use very misleading tactics to make you think you are getting an old American name brand piano, but you are really getting a fake made in China! We can help clear things up for you.
  • If you’re researching the internet about pianos you have to wonder who is on the other side of that blog. Are you getting good information, or very biased, misleading, or quite often totally untrue renditions?
  • Can my child start out using a small keyboard? Just to see how they do?Is this a good idea, bad idea, or disastrous idea?

We feel the more factual, verifiable information you have the better we will look.

Let us help you!